Eugene Brandt

Directional Pastor

Eugene Staff Photo



The son of South Africans, Eugene was born in Louisville, Kentucky. His father had moved the family to the States so he could complete his theological training, only to discover that a new arrival was on the way. Suddenly, in a family of South Africans there was an American, a fact that created a great deal of delight back in South Africa. After graduating later that year, the family returned home to Johannesburg with their latest addition. Eugene’s spiritual journey began as a teenager at a summer camp. During a particularly dark evening he noticed that the stars were so much brighter far away from the glow of the city. While gazing at the heavens, he realized how small and insignificant he was, and he was humbled. In a moment he came to realize that willful independence was sin, and there, one lonely night in December, he prayed for forgiveness and committed his life to the Lord. At that very same camp, he first felt the tug of the Lord’s call into pastoral ministry.

While the call never ebbed, Eugene believed that some secular experience would benefit him in his future ministry. After graduating with an education degree, Eugene entered the teaching profession as an English teacher. It was during this teaching phase that Eugene married his long-time love, Kathy.

God’s plan for this newly married couple included a move to the States where Eugene began his theological studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, his father’s Alma Mater. After graduating, Eugene and Kathy moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, to be coached in church leadership. The year-long residency allowed Eugene to observe and practice the practical “how-to’s” of church leadership. That priceless experience shaped his expectations and his skills.

As the residency neared its end, Eugene and Randy began a dialogue that resulted in Eugene and Kathy moving to Jackson to begin a Fellowship Bible Church here in West Tennessee. Sixteen years later, Eugene repeatedly thanks God for planting him and Kathy in such a fulfilling place of influence. They are blessed with two daughters, Megan and Caroline, and a son, Ryan.