Jennifer Maddox

Financial Assistant



Jennifer grew up in a small town in Benton County. She attended church regularly where her grandfather was the pastor. Her entire family was involved one way or the other, but there was a missing connection for Jennifer. When her parents divorced at age 13, she stopped attending church and her life spiraled out of control. Running with the wrong crowd in high school led her to a life far from Christ. Immediately after graduating, she moved to Jackson, hoping for something bigger and better. Compared to where she grew up, this was the “big city” — she still laughs today when people refer to Jackson as a small town. Jennifer worked full time while attending classes at West Tennessee Business College. Somehow in her spare time she met her husband, Shane. After graduating with a degree as an Administrative Assistant, she started working for a local accounting firm. Six months later she and Shane married on a hot summer day in an outside wedding. (She wonders why no one talked her out of that!) Desiring to have a family, Jennifer and Shane experienced difficulty getting pregnant but were blessed five years later when their first daughter Emma was born. As is often the case with young parents, the desire to return to church came when Emma was six months old. They wanted her to learn about God and knew they could not teach her. One visit to Fellowship Bible Church was all it took. They were hooked! The contemporary-style music really pulled them in. After a short time they were introduced as new members, Emma was dedicated, and they were baptized in Randy Pierson’s pool together. Neither Jennifer nor Shane had any idea their little girl would make such a change in their lives but God had a plan for them. A few years later they were blessed with another sweet girl named Lily. After ten years of working at the accounting firm, Jennifer felt called to do more for God. She longed for a position to open at Fellowship so she could serve more. When God did not answer her prayers right away, she eventually gave up and was comfortable in knowing she was right where God wanted her to be. Once she quit thinking about the position and surrendered her desire to God, she received a call about the perfect staff position at Fellowship. It was all in God’s timing. Jennifer is now our financial assistant. She has also served in the Learning Center for many years because she loves making church fun so that children enjoy coming to church every week. She has also helped launch the first American Heritage Girls troop in this area – a group that is centered on God, family, service, and country. Jennifer and her family love being a part of the Fellowship family and being able to serve God by making a difference in the lives of others.