We have a place for you. In fact, can we save you a seat?

We gather to build friendships and engage in community together through studies, events, and shared experiences. Won’t you join us?

Women’s Events

As women, we are tempted to take care of everyone but ourselves. Our events are designed so you can take time for yourself to laugh, to be inspired, and to connect with other women. See our events on the calendar located on this page.

Moms Connect

At Moms Connect, you will experience an inviting, fun atmosphere designed for making new friends, getting together with current friends, and providing practical and biblical parenting resources.

Whatever season you’re in, Moms Connect will support and encourage mothers through relevant speakers, real conversations, and refreshing community!

Bible Studies

Small group Bible studies begin on September 19! Studies are offered on Wednesday mornings and evenings and cover a range of topics including parenting, marriage, singleness, and in-depth Bible studies. Whether you are a stay at home mom, working woman, young adult, or retiree, we have a study and a small group just for you. Head over to the Covenant Group finder to register!