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Untitled0February 12, 2016Details
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nancy brown
Bless the Jews oh Lord.

follow-up to request

Margi Beck
I want to thank you for your prayers. My liver enzymes were 1000 times higher than normal, so they were thinking I had leftover stones left from a previous gall bladder surgery. Not the case. They found a blockage in the bowel, so they cleared that up and inserted a stent. I am home now and doing okay - just resting. Next step, the MRI for my shoulder on Tuesday. Blessings to you all, Margi Beck

surgery today

Margi (Josh Beck's grandmother) Beck
I will have an endoscopy procedure today at Jackson General Hospital, to remove leftover gall stones from surgery 30 years ago. Also, next Tuesday, I'm having an MRI on my shoulder to see extent of damage to my rotator cuff. No to sound like a hypochondriac, I fell and fractured my foot last week - other than that, I'm doing fine (!).
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