Angie Edwards

Administrative Assistant



Angie grew up in Atlanta, in a Catholic household where she attended Church regularly with her family. While she learned about God, no real emphasis was given to the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ.

She began a self-examination in her 20’s and realized that she would go days and even weeks without thinking about God or considering him in her decisions. Realizing that just attending Church regularly, or being a good person was not enough, she decided it was time to really be intentional and spend time regularly in God’s word as well as in prayer. Through this, a strong Christ-centered life was emerging. God had been pursuing her all along. Through the trials of life, she has learned the best place to be is completely dependent on God.

Angie and her husband Gary joined Fellowship Bible Church in 2010. Shortly after that, she began volunteering for the First impression team and the assimilation team as a way to be connected and serve the Lord and her Church.   In August of 2017, she joined the Fellowship staff as the assistant to the adult ministry teams.