Cynthia Santana

Directional Pastor Assistant


Cynthia and her husband Juan moved to Jackson, TN in 1995 when Juan was transferred from his job at ABB in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico to ABB in Alamo, TN. They have a blended family of three sons, Alex, John and Jason. The Santana family is truly thankful for the many ways the Lord has blessed them through the Madison and Crockett County communities.

Growing up Cynthia thought that being a Christian meant loving your neighbor as yourself and doing good works. It was through the ministry of a non-denominational youth group at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, that she heard what it meant to be justified by grace through faith in the person and redemptive work of Jesus Christ. After finding new life in Christ she was blessed with opportunities to share the gospel and disciple other college students.

Over the years Cynthia has served in different capacities in the local churches she has been a part of. From leading youth groups in Puerto Rico, to partnering in the launch of a Hispanic ministry in TN, it has been her delight to serve the body of Christ. She joined the Fellowship staff in June of 2015 and considers it a privilege to come to God’s house to work every day.