Will Chenault

Soul Care Pastor




Will was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama, and considers it a great honor and privilege to serve on staff at Fellowship. He is the middle of three siblings with an older sister and younger brother.

Although growing up in the culturally religious South, it wasn’t until high school that Will gained clarity on the Gospel and what it meant to become a disciple of Jesus. It was during this season of life that Will sensed a strong desire to serve the body of Christ, and yet struggled with this call. Will explains, “I didn’t necessarily have a picture in mind of what it meant to be a pastor, and yet I found myself drawn to use my gifts within the body of Christ. It really was the affirmation of a few godly men within the body that encouraged my call into ministry. It was as if I was a Timothy and God put several Paul’s in my life.”

Early on in his faith journey Will had several key individuals invest in his life as a Christ-follower, including his campus pastor who intentionally pursued a relationship with him. They spent time together every week, and he taught Will the Scriptures and discipled him in the faith. Because of this experience, Will has always had a strong desire to shepherd others— particularly those who are struggling. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Counseling from the University of Montevallo (near Birmingham, Alabama) Will attended Dallas Theological Seminary and graduated with Master of Theology (ThM)

He has served on staff at several Fellowship churches and was a part of the Fellowship Residency in Little Rock, Arkansas. Upon completing the Little Rock residency Will helped to plant a Fellowship church in Birmingham, Alabama where he pastored for 3 years.  In addition, Will has been trained in Spiritual Direction under counselor and psychologist Dr. Larry Crabb.

With the ministry of Soul Care, Will brings a unique leadership gift of providing spiritual direction, helping others understand their story and God’s redemptive work in and through story, and providing a culture of relational health and care at Fellowship. Will married the love of his life, Amanda, in 1999. They have 3 girls: Avery, Morgan, and Grace.