Our Story


In the spring of 2001, a small group of believ­ers inter­ested in start­ing a new church were exposed to the phe­nom­e­nal min­istry of Fel­low­ship Bible Church of Lit­tle Rock, AR. After attend­ing a con­fer­ence spon­sored by Fel­low­ship, the group com­mit­ted them­selves to build a church of irre­sistible influ­ence here in Jackson.
Step­ping out in faith, they hired staff and began lay­ing the ground­work for what would become Fel­low­ship Bible Church of Jack­son, Ten­nessee. The church was then char­tered on June 3, 2001 and the first pub­lic wor­ship ser­vice was launched at a local school on September 23, 2001.
Fellowship’s expe­ri­ence has hardly been ordi­nary, from its incep­tion it has enjoyed con­stant growth which has accel­er­ated in recent years. In 2007 Fel­low­ship left its portable his­tory behind and relo­cated to its cam­pus on Pleas­ant Plains Road. This move expanded min­istry oppor­tu­ni­ties and gave the church addi­tional pres­ence in the com­mu­nity. Fel­low­ship Bible Church is a regional church that draws its mem­bers from sur­round­ing coun­ties and sends its mem­bers across the globe. Still in its infancy, Fellowship is a young church and much of its his­tory is yet to be told. Will you play a role in its future?