Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes are small groups made up of several short-term classes for the purpose of equipping the body to more specific areas of personal growth. Length of classes will vary depending on topic.

Classes include:

  • ReNew – Am I in Christ? (6 weeks)
  • Life’s a Journey – From conversation to discipleship (13 weeks)
  • Why I Trust My Bible – Did the writers get it right? (11 weeks)
  • Spiritual Formation – Obedience based on relationship (10 weeks)
  • Bible Survey: A Big Screen Perspective (10 weeks)
  • How to Read Your Bible (9 weeks)
  • Persuasive Evangelism – Worldviews/Belief Mapping/Everyday Questions
  • Pre-Marriage/Marriage Seminar – Foundation and Coaching Principles (10 weeks)
  • Financial Peace University – Financial Responsibility and Budgeting (9 weeks)


Spring 2021 Equipping Class:

Sunday @ 10:30 – 11:45

April 18th – May 23rd

The Heart of God’s Story – George Guthrie

Stan Ragon and Amy Ragon

The Heart of God’s Story explores the beauty and power of God’s unfolding story in Scripture, weaving the teaching around three key, interlocking themes: face, space, and grace. Face focuses on God’s presence as the central theme of Scripture, moving from God walking with Adam and Eve in the garden, through God’s dwelling with the Israelites in the Old Testament, to the incarnation in Christ, to God’s indwelling presence in the church, and finally to the fully known presence of the Father and Son in Revelation as they dwell their people forever. Space points to God’s creating a place for us to walk with Him and live for Him in the world, moving from the garden of Genesis 1–3, to the tabernacle, to the temple, to Jesus’ reconstituting the temple in the gospels, to the church as the new, better temple beginning on the day of Pentecost, and finally to the descent of the heavenly temple at the end of Revelation. Finally, grace refers to God’s outward focus as He gives humanity a mission in the world, moving from our dominion over the earth before the fall, to the mandate to be a blessing to the nations in the Abrahamic covenant, to God’s heart for the nations seen throughout the Old Testament, to the Gospels’ focus on the nations, to the mission to the nations of the early church, and finally to all nations gathered in the heavenly city at the end of the age.

Join Stan and Amy Ragon as they explore the fullness of God’s story. Whether you are a mature believer or new to the faith, this study will guide you to a better understanding the entirety of scripture and its central themes. Click here to sign up.

For more information about the classes listed above please contact Covenant Life Pastor Michael Sparks at msparks@fellowshipjackson.com.