Equipping Classes

Give the gift of financial peace this Christmas! Beginning January 20, we will host Financial Peace University, a nine-week course that teaches you financial responsibility and budgeting. Whether you are a recent college graduate or nearing retirement, this course will benefit you in your current stage of life. The cost per class registrant is $99. To sign up, please visit fpu.com/1104233. Registration deadline is January 12.

To register for any of the following Equipping Classes, click here.

Passing the Torch: A Verse-by-Verse Study of 2 Timothy

John Campbell will be leading a verse-by-verse study through Paul’s second letter to Timothy (2 Timothy). The class will last seven weeks and begins Sunday, January 19 at 7:30am and will meet in the Barn Conference Room to the left of the stage.


What if there was a tool that was designed to make sharing your faith fun? What if rather than being something awkward and combative- this would turn evangelism into a relationship building exercise? ReNew was designed for this very purpose and has proven to be highly effective. A relationally driven curriculum that gives seekers a solid understanding of faith in Jesus, ReNew has been used to introduce many to a saving faith in Jesus. What if there was a class designed to equip people in using this curriculum? There is. Eugene Brandt (author of ReNew) will be leading a five-week course on how to best use the resource starting on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. Don’t let fear keep your light hidden any longer. Let Eugene show you how to introduce others to the Jesus you know and love.

Spiritual Formation:

This class is designed to disclose that the Christian Life is not fundamentally about being moral, obeying a set of principles, or even following spiritual disciplines, but is learning to depend on the indwelling Spirit as we abide in Christ. This 10-week class helps us learn an obedience that comes without the burden of guilt and shame. You will meet once a week with classmates to discuss the questions and content of the audio classes you listen to before coming to class. This is a coed class.

Equipping Classes are small groups made up of several short-term classes for the purpose of equipping the body to more specific areas of personal growth. Length of classes will vary depending on topic.

Classes include:

  • ReNew – Am I in Christ? (6 weeks)
  • Life’s a Journey – From conversation to discipleship (13 weeks)
  • Why I Trust My Bible – Did the writers get it right? (11 weeks)
  • Spiritual Formation – Obedience based on relationship (10 weeks)
  • Bible Survey: A Big Screen Perspective (10 weeks)
  • How to Read Your Bible (9 weeks)
  • Persuasive Evangelism – Worldviews/Belief Mapping/Everyday Questions
  • Pre-Marriage/Marriage Seminar – Foundation and Coaching Principles (10 weeks)
  • Financial Peace University – Financial Responsibility and Budgeting (9 weeks)

For more information about the classes listed above please contact Covenant Life Pastor Michael Sparks at msparks@fellowshipjackson.com.