Fellowship Kids Buddies

Information required for requesting a buddy:

  1. Parent must contact Brenda Stanley to discuss particular needs of child.
  2. An application will be provided for the parent to complete.
  3. Based on completed application and personal interview, that child’s needs will be evaluated to determine the type of Fellowship Kids Buddy that will be required for each child.
  4. Fellowship Bible Church will make every effort possible to provide a buddy for each special needs child but there may be circumstances where a buddy cannot be provided if needs are too great.
  5. Fellowship Bible Church is not currently equipped to work with youth or adults with special needs however, we are always evaluating so please do not hesitate to contact us with questions concerning your child.

Parent/Buddy Guidelines

  1.  Buddies are not available for drop-in visits. Arrangements for buddies must be made prior to Sunday morning.
  2.  Once your child is connected with a buddy, arrangements will be made for the parent, the buddy, and the child to meet and discuss care for your child.
  3.  If your child is not attending class for any reason, we ask that you call or email us as early as possible, so that your buddy may help someone else or take that week off.
  4.  If your child’s buddy is unable to be in class, the parent will be asked to stay with their child.
  5.  If a child becomes disruptive in class, his or her buddy will remove the child from the class and see if the situation can be corrected or defused. If situation cannot be corrected or defused by the child’s buddy or the Fellowship Kids Director, parents will be notified to return to the Learning Center by using the current security notification system.
  6.  After a child has been disruptive, child will need to be reevaluated. All instances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  7. If it is determined that a child can no longer be a part of a classroom, but can benefit from a safe learning environment, the Fellowship Kids Special Place room might be an option. The Fellowship Kids Special Place is a safe room with specific items that may be needed for your child. At this time we feel the room is only equipped for one child and one buddy per service hour. Needs and availability will be determined by each special circumstances case.

Brenda Stanley | (731) 225-0998 | bstanley@fellowshipjackson.com | Buddy Application – .DOCX (will automatically download)