Soul Care

At Fellowship, we understand that there are no doubt incredible difficulties being faced daily by those in our body. Our desire with Soul Care is to begin to create not only networks of care and support that are easily accessible for those hurting or struggling, but also to help promote a congregational culture of awareness and support. Soul Care exists to provide purposeful relationships and safe places for individuals to wrestle with the brokenness of their own lives and cling to our only hope in Jesus.

At times it is helpful to process through the difficulties of life in a one-on-one setting. Our team of pastors are able to share Biblical principles and practicual guidelines.

Is a supportive community designed to help you navigate the unique challenges of divorce and move toward rebuilding your life.

Is a community experience where you can find support, care, and meaningful conversations.

Is a small group that will help you walk through the pain of grief and loss.

To learn more about Soul Care, email our Soul Care Pastor, Will Chenault at