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Women’s Events

As women, we are tempted to take care of everyone but ourselves. Our events are designed so you can take time for yourself to laugh, to be inspired, and to connect with other women. See our events on the calendar located on this page.

We invite you to join us for a service opportunity specifically designed for women called Hope For Her – Jackson.

We often come to mission opportunities dry and exhausted from daily life. As His people, we know we aren’t just meant to mend fences and feed our community but share Living Water to a thirsty people and present the gospel to broken hearts. Simply put, we lead with Jesus not with our hands and feet. With this in mind, Hope for Her – Jackson is a different kind of serve day.

We invite you to come on Saturday, July 20th to be filled through worship and God’s word before setting out to serve in His name. We will start the day in the Ministry Center with a light breakfast at 9 a.m., followed by worship with and testimonial videos from our Dominican Republic team. The Director of Mission of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment, Vanessa Johnson, will share her personal story of service to the gospel. Lastly, a panel of local ministry representatives will share their mission and vision and answer any questions on ways the body of Christ can support our community better.

The afternoon session will begin with teams breaking up for lunch and then heading out to serve with our partners in local missions. The day will conclude around 4 p.m.

We brought Hope for Her home, because we believe this format forever revolutionizes the way we approach missions, locally and internationally. We offer hope to others through the hope we have found in Jesus.

To register, contact Amy at aragon@fellowshipjackson.com or 731.668.5800 or click http://bit.ly/HopeforHerJackson.