We have a place for you. In fact, can we save you a seat?

We gather to build friendships and engage in community together through studies, events, and shared experiences. Won’t you join us?

Women’s Events

As women, we are tempted to take care of everyone but ourselves. Our events are designed so you can take time for yourself to laugh, to be inspired, and to connect with other women. See our events on the calendar located on this page.

The Well

At the Well, you will experience an inviting, fun atmosphere designed for all women to come together to gather, worship, and encourage one another as followers of Christ. Whatever season you’re in, the Well will be a place where Fellowship women can come to be filled and grow, through relevant speakers, real conversations, and refreshing community!

On January, 24th, The Well will host our first TED talk-like event, “How Do Godly Women Encourage Godly Men and Boys?” Pastor Eugene Brandt and new Evangelical Christian School Head of Schools, Braxton Brady will be our speakers. If we are going to love and nurture the men in our lives well, we need to understand them first. Our speakers will unlock the secrets to what men and boys need most.

Click here to register before Monday, January 21st or visit our Facebook event for more information!

Bible Studies

Spring Small group Bible studies will begin in January! Studies are offered throughout the week and cover a range of topics including parenting, marriage, singleness, and in-depth Bible studies. Whether you are a stay at home mom, working woman, young adult, or retiree, we have a study and a small group just for you. Head over to the Covenant Group finder to register!