Young Adults

So you’ve reached the point where “when I grow up” is no longer applicable.

We want to create an opportunity for young people to be in community with people who are in similar stages of life. We want to walk through the tough stuff together, to be there to celebrate each other’s victories, and to encourage each other to walk more closely with the Lord.

Our Young Adults ministry is designed to be a space where life happens together. We encourage you to participate in home groups, to occasionally meet as a group to read God’s Word, and to encourage one another. And a few times a year when we just need to be together we host connection events like game nights, dinner nights, etc.

This ministry works to assimilate our young people into adult life in our church as you are encouraged to utilize your leadership capacity, discover your gifting, and take responsibility for your spiritual growth.

We would love for you to join us for our next event or service opportunity.