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MISSION HAITI: OEDWA Orphanage | Mission of Hope | Mercy & Sharing

Fellowship is partnering with Mission of Hope Haiti to sponsor an orphanage in the village of Williamson, Haiti. Our orphanage, OEDWA, currently has 44 kids in its care. Fellowship supports the kids through education and orphan care sponsorships. These sponsorships are a yearly commitment that renew every October. Several times a year, mission teams go to Haiti to serve the kids in the orphanage and the people of Williamson. In the past, the teams have built a church, a dorm room, a brick privacy wall, and many other projects. Randy Pierson and Melissa Workman coordinate the teams and efforts for our Haiti mission.

Through partnering churches, Mission of Hope Haiti strives to bring the hope of Jesus to the Haitian community. We are expanding our ministry to Haiti and the village of Williamson through a strategic partnership with other churches and the Mission of Hope. If you have any questions, email Randy Pierson at To read more about Mission of Hope Haiti, visit their website:

Wheelchair in HaitiWe have also partnered with Mercy & Sharing to provide education to the children of Williamson, Haiti. Mercy & Sharing is a Haitian-registered, non-profit organization that provides care and education to abandoned, orphaned and disabled children in Haiti. In their 20-year history, they have cared for Haiti’s most vulnerable children and established a reputation for excellence in their comprehensive and community-based programming. Mercy & Sharing rescues the abused, abandoned and disabled and provides them with care, rehabilitation, education, hope and opportunity. They have also developed systems and procedures that create a healthy environment and work to bring about systemic and lasting solutions for this overlooked population. The skilled staff nurses these children to health, provide food, shelter and education, and most importantly, provide a loving environment that builds character and integrity.

If you are interested in serving on a short-term mission trip, please print and turn in this application and two references (Community Group leader and non- family member) to your trip leader or Fellowship Bible Church staff member.





Hannah is a member here at Fellowship currently serving with her husband Sean as a missionary in Asia. Read her personal testimony below and discover ways you can help us support her ministry.


My name is Hannah, and I’ve been serving in Asia since 2012. When I was 8 years old, my family and I joined Fellowship Bible Church where I’ve grown up encouraged by loving mentors. I’ve spent 11 years at Fellowship making friends and getting amazing foundations in the Word, serving, missions and in character.        

Missions is something that has been on my heart for a long time. I’ve been on several short-term mission trips to Nicaragua and Haiti with our church. But ever since I was 12, God has put Asia on my heart. And through God’s amazing provision, I was able to move to Asia after graduating high school. While there, not only did I fall in love with Asia and its people, but I also fell in love with Sean, a fellow worker. And 3 years later on March 15th of 2015, we got married and now live as a family and ministry partners in Asia.

I work mostly with college students, sharing the gospel and discipling the students that turn to Christ. I’ve had the opportunity to baptize our friends and teach them how to share Christ with their friends. Sean works a great deal with first time workers providing personal care, teaching them how to make friends, share, disciple, or sometimes just how to order noodles. 

We are fully invested in this ministry until God calls us elsewhere. If you want to be a part of this journey by receiving email updates or through supporting us financially, you can email us or visit the website below. 



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Mission to Missionaries (MTM) exists to serve missionaries. While traveling on Home Ministry Assignment (furlough), missionaries travel thousands of miles, visit family and friends, present their work in churches, and are often faced with the need to find financial support. While rewarding in many ways, a furlough often turns into a very stressful and tiring time.

MTM wants missionaries to enjoy a retreat center just for them. This facility is called EdenRidge. The key word at EdenRidge is rest. For some, rest may mean staying put at EdenRidge while enjoying the calm and serene surroundings. For others, it may mean time as a family enjoying some of the great parks and attractions in the area. After a stay at EdenRidge, MTM’s prayer is that missionaries will be well rested, renewed, and ready to continue their furlough or return to their field of service.

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