We are all made for relationships.

Our mission is to grow compelling relationships with God and others that have an irresistible influence in our world.

Relationships color every aspect of our lives. At Fellowship, we want to provide you with the resources to grow in your relationships with God, your family, and the people around you.

Relationship With God

We are a Bible church, committed to scripture alone. We know God from his word, and we believe in challenging believers through scripture-based teaching and study. Every aspect of our belief statement is based on scripture because it’s the source of all truth.

What We Believe

Relationships With Family

We know your family is important to you, and we want to see every member of your family grow in their relationships with God and others. Our kids are learning biblical principles from a young age in our theme rooms, and teens have special times of Bible study and small group to teach them the Word.

Family Ministry

Relationships With Others

As our church continues to grow, we remain committed to small groups as the best environment for life change to occur. In our ministries, we wish to provide places to experience caring relationships, biblical truth, and accountability. It is in these groups that people are most connected to the life of Fellowship.

Our Ministries

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